Diagnosing the cause of a problem can be a complex exercise as symptoms can often be misleading. Use every tool available including the troubleshooting charts in our service manual or calling our Technical Service Department (1-888-721-TECH) for assistance.

Call, fax or email the Technical Service Department and provide the following:

If applicable

Provide the following information when ordering the replacement part from Technical Services and a RA number will be issued on your order confirmation. If this information is currently unavailable, forward it to Technical Services at a later date to receive a Return Authorization Number. Incomplete claim forms will not be processed.

(i.e. GD36012345)
(for in-house Quality Assurance evaluation)
(if requesting an RA for a replacement part previously ordered)
You will receive the order confirmation or RA# via fax or email within 48 hours of submitting this form.

When you receive the RA# you will be advised if we do not require the replaced part to be returned. For parts being returned, repackage in the packing material from the replacement part. Mark the RA# on the outside of the package for single returns. For multiple returns, apply a piece of masking tape to each part and mark the RA# on it. Include a list of all the RA#\’s contained, with the pack list. Ship via ground to Crittenden, Kentucky for our U.S.A. customers and to Barrie, Ontario for our Canadian Customers. Please allow 30 days for your claim to be processed.

Wolf Steel USA
103 Miller Drive
Crittenden, Kentucky

Wolf Steel Ltd.
24 Napoleon Road
Barrie, ON

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