Enviro-Burn Unit Application

  • - 50% off the cost on any Enviro Burn Unit on display in your showroom.
    - Each dealer qualifies for one unit per model type per year based on a % of purchases. (See note below)
    - In order to qualify, each unit must be a burning display for one burning season.
    - Attach a color photograph of your burning display unit and complete this form and submit to Master Heat.
    - This form will be returned to the distributor by Sherwood Industries if not completed in full.
  • - After the dealer submits this form to the distributor, the distributor will approve this application by signing it and forwarding it for crediting.
    - If this form is not complete or is without a color photo, it will be returned and no credit will be given.
    - Some distributors may have a minimum number of units to be ordered before a dealer is qualified for a burn unit credit.
    - Please contact your Master Heat Sales Representitive for a comprehensive explanation of the Burn Unit Credit process.